Saiyin Computer Speakers, 3.5 Powered Bookshelf PC Speakers

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  • Speaker type: Powered bookshelf
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, Optical, Auxiliary
  • Integrated DAC: 24-bit 96kHz
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 10.6 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.25 pounds

Looking for speakers to seriously boost the audio from your desktop or laptop? Craving a bigger, clearer sound from your computer? Allow us to introduce the Saiyin Computer Speakers – a nifty set of powered bookshelf speakers made for computer audio.

With Bluetooth connectivity, 3.5mm aux input, and USB DAC support, these speakers make it easy to hook up to your Windows, Mac, or Linux machine. The compact footprint won’t clutter your workspace yet they deliver room-filling, immersive sound.

In this in-depth Saiyin Computer Speakers review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about these speakers for PC, from key features and design to audio performance. Let’s dive in!

Speaker Overview and Specs

The Saiyin Computer Speakers have an active/passive bookshelf design with the following specs:

  • Speaker type: Powered bookshelf
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, Optical, Auxiliary
  • Integrated DAC: 24-bit 96kHz
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 10.6 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 8.25 pounds

Despite the compact size, these speakers pump out serious sound thanks to 50 watts of total system power. The bundled cables make connecting the active and passive speakers a breeze.

Notable Features and Benefits

What makes the Saiyin Computer Speakers special? Here are some standout features:

Bluetooth Streaming – Wirelessly stream music, videos, games, and other audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

USB DAC – The integrated 24-bit 96kHz DAC provides enhanced wired audio quality from your PC.

Optical & Auxiliary Inputs – Optical and 3.5mm aux allow flexible connections to TVs and other electronics.

Bookshelf Speaker Design – Provides impressive sound in a compact, desk-friendly form factor.

50W Total Power – More than enough power for desktop nearfield listening or small to medium rooms.

Headphone Jack – Convenient front headphone jack for private listening. Speaker output auto-mutes.

Dual RCA Inputs – Analog RCA L/R channels enable hookup to a variety of classic stereo equipment.

Sound Quality and Performance

With 50 watts of total system power driving the included bass ported bookshelf speakers, the Saiyin Computer Speakers can get seriously loud and deliver engaging, detailed sound.

The rear bass ports help extend low-frequency response for a satisfying thump and rumble on EDM, hip hop, and action movie soundtracks.

Vocals come through focused and clear, allowing you to pick out subtle details even at lower volumes. Acoustic instruments sound natural and lifelike.

Highs are crisp without being harsh or fatiguing. Whether streaming playlists or gaming, these speakers provide an immersive, detailed listening experience.

While bass is capped at lower frequencies, for nearfield desktop use or computer audio these speakers sound fantastic. Even in a medium-sized room their balanced, robust sound shines.

Seamless Connectivity for Computers and Beyond

One of the Saiyin Computer Speakers’ biggest assets is seamless connectivity for desktops and a range of electronics.

For your Windows PC or Mac computer, the USB DAC input makes hookup a breeze. Just plug the included USB cable into your computer and enjoy studio-grade 24-bit 96kHz audio clarity. No driver installation required.

Bluetooth wireless streaming makes it easy to play podcasts, music, movies and more from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop. Bluetooth range is solid at 30+ feet.

The optical and analog aux inputs allow use with smart TVs, game consoles, Blu-ray players, or any device with RCA or 3.5mm audio outputs. Connect to your flatscreen’s optical out for serious sound upgrades over built-in TV speakers.

With all these choices, you can create a complete computer-centric media station using the Saiyin speakers for all your audio needs.

Attractive Bookshelf Design

Part of what makes these speakers so great for desktop use is the handsome, compact bookshelf design.

Standing just 8.5 x 10.6 x 6.5 inches, the speakers fit nicely on computer desks, end tables, or shelves without dominating the space. The angular curves and silver accents add visual flair.

The vinyl wood cabinet mimics a natural wood look while being easy to maintain and keep looking sharp for years. Rubberized feet help isolate and prevent vibrations or movement.

For the price, the Saiyin Computer Speakers look far more elegant than cheap plastic budget computer speakers. Yet the small footprint doesn’t require a ton of free space.

Who Are The Saiyin Computer Speakers For?

With their versatile connectivity and tailored design, the Saiyin Computer Speakers excel in a few particular applications:

  • Desktop PC speakers – The USB input makes these ideal for hooking up directly to Windows or Mac computers.
  • Computer streaming – Bluetooth lets you wirelessly play music, podcasts, and more from your laptop.
  • PC gaming speakers – Enhance immersion with clear, powerful audio for gaming. The USB hookup reduces interference.
  • Multimedia desktop audio – Optical and aux inputs allow use with additional TVs, game consoles, etc. for a complete desktop setup.
  • Dorm and bedroom setups – Compact size is great for desks in tight dorm rooms and bedrooms.

For any scenario where you want a major audio improvement from your computer or laptop, the Saiyin Computer Speakers warrant a close look.

Potential Shortcomings to Consider

While we really like the Saiyin Computer Speakers overall, there are a few potential limitations:

  • Light on physical controls – All knobs and buttons are on the rear which can be inconvenient.
  • Lacks remote control – There’s no included remote for volume or input control.
  • Optical cable not included – You’ll need to supply an optical cable for TV or game console hookups.
  • Potential HDMI ARC issues – Some TVs may not play nicely with the HDMI ARC input.
  • Lower bass ceiling – Don’t expect skull-rattling sub-bass from the bookshelf design.

However, these minor caveats are easy to overlook considering the awesome connectivity, sound, and attractive desktop design offered at such an affordable price.

Alternatives Worth Considering

The powered bookshelf computer speaker market is highly competitive. Here are some alternative options in the same ballpark:

Edifier R1280T – Popular speaker set with great reviews. Adds a remote and subwoofer output.

Logitech Z407 – Compelling 2.1 system with wireless subwoofer and Bluetooth.

Creative Pebble V3 – Budget option focused on value. Lacks optical input.

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 – Legendary THX-certified 3-piece system with sub. A bit bulky.

Mackie CR3 – Studio monitor pedigree with pro sound quality. No Bluetooth.

There are countless choices for powered computer speakers – doing some comparison shopping is advised to find the right balance of features, sound, and aesthetics tailored to your needs.

Final Verdict

The Saiyin Computer Speakers present extremely compelling value in powered desktop speakers, with great connectivity for computers and tasteful design.

Factor in pleasing audio performance that can fill a room, and they become truly tough to beat at this price point. For computer desktops, dorms, offices, and other nearfield listening, their versatility and quality are difficult to match.

If you want speakers to seriously improve your computer’s sound for music, games, movies, and more, the Saiyin Computer Speakers deserve some strong consideration. Their seamless connectivity, balanced sound, and space-saving design add up to a formidable overall package.


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Saiyin Computer Speakers, 3.5 Powered Bookshelf PC Speakers
Saiyin Computer Speakers, 3.5 Powered Bookshelf PC Speakers

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