Saiyin Sound Bars for TV with Subwoofer,2.1CH Soundbar for TV

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  • Soundbar dimensions: 32 x 2.5 x 4.25 inches
  • Subwoofer dimensions: 7.5 x 11 x 11 inches
  • Total system power: 120W
  • Soundbar power: 60W
  • Subwoofer power: 60W
  • Drivers: 2 x full-range in soundbar, 1 x 6.5″ sub
  • Frequency response: 45Hz – 20kHz
  • Inputs: Optical, Bluetooth, 3.5mm aux

Tired of straining to understand dialogue from your TV’s lackluster built-in speakers? Craving powerful audio to match today’s bright, ultra-HD screens? Meet the Saiyin 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer – an easy audio upgrade bringing immersive sound to your home theater.

With 120 watts of total system power and a compact 32-inch soundbar design, the Saiyin soundbar pumps out room-filling audio for movies, music, and TV. The included wireless subwoofer provides deep low-end punch.

In this detailed review, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Saiyin soundbar and subwoofer combo – from handy features to audio performance and everything in between. Let’s dive in!

Soundbar Overview and Specs

Here’s a quick rundown of the Saiyin soundbar’s key specs and components:

  • Soundbar dimensions: 32 x 2.5 x 4.25 inches
  • Subwoofer dimensions: 7.5 x 11 x 11 inches
  • Total system power: 120W
  • Soundbar power: 60W
  • Subwoofer power: 60W
  • Drivers: 2 x full-range in soundbar, 1 x 6.5″ sub
  • Frequency response: 45Hz – 20kHz
  • Inputs: Optical, Bluetooth, 3.5mm aux

While fairly compact in size, this 120W 2.1 channel system can fill most rooms with engulfing home theater sound.

Notable Features and Benefits

What helps set the Saiyin soundbar apart from other budget-friendly options? Here are some of the most useful features:

Wireless Subwoofer – The included 6.5-inch sub communicates wirelessly with the soundbar for seamless low-end audio.

120W System Power – With 60W in the soundbar and sub each, the system pumps out impressive volume with headroom to spare.

Optical Input – Optical digital audio input conveniently connects to modern TVs for crystal clear sound.

Bluetooth Streaming – Wirelessly stream music, podcasts, and more from any Bluetooth-enabled mobile device.

Wall Mountable – Brackets, template, and hardware included allow you to mount the soundbar on the wall securely.

Remote Control – Adjust volume, bass, input and power conveniently from the included remote.

AUX Input – 3.5mm aux input allows for connection to a variety of electronics and audio sources.

Audio Performance and Sound Quality

With 120 watts spread over 2.1 channels, the Saiyin sound system has no trouble filling most rooms with big, immersive sound.

The pair of 1.75” full-range drivers in the soundbar handle mids and highs with surprising clarity. Dialogue sounds focused and easy to understand – a major upgrade over indistinct TV speakers.

Highs come through crisp and detailed without excessive harshness. And the wireless subwoofer provides impactful low-end response down to 45Hz, letting you truly feel every explosion, punch, and kick.

While serious audiophiles may notice some distortion at high volumes, for everyday TV, movie, and music listening, the Saiyin 2.1 soundbar system sounds fantastic.

No, it can’t replicate a discrete 5.1 or Atmos surround system. But the expansive soundstage and thumping bass create an immersive listening experience, especially given the ultra-affordable price point.

Seamless Connectivity with Any TV

Connecting the Saiyin soundbar and subwoofer setup to your existing TV is quick and painless.

For most modern flatscreen TVs, use the included optical digital audio cable between the TV’s Optical Out and the soundbar’s Optical In. This carries pure digital sound for fidelity that blows away analog connections.

Make sure to turn on your TV’s digital/optical audio output in the TV’s audio settings menu. Then simply set the soundbar input to Optical and you’re ready to go!

Don’t have optical out on your TV? No worries – you can also use the included 3.5mm to RCA cable from your TV’s analog headphone jack or stereo outputs into the soundbar’s Aux input.

And Bluetooth wireless streaming opens up a whole world of cord-free music listening directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

With this hassle-free connectivity, the Saiyin sound system instantly upgrades audio from any existing TV – no new HDMI receiver required!

Compact, Discreet Soundbar Design

Measuring just 32 x 2.5 x 4.25 inches, the Saiyin soundbar sports an elegantly slim, compact design that sits discreetly in front of your TV without dominating the space.

The neutral black coloring helps it blend in visually. Wall mounting is a cinch with the included bracket hardware if you want it totally out of the way.

This makes it an awesome audio upgrade option even for smaller TVs like those in bedrooms, offices, and dorm rooms where bulky home theater gear won’t fit.

And the wireless subwoofer tucks away conveniently out of sight. You get huge cinema sound without rearranging your entire living room!

Who’s the Saiyin Soundbar Good For?

With its simplified setup and quality audio performance, the Saiyin 2.1 sound system excels for:

  • Small/medium TVs – Provides major audio boost for TVs 32-55 inches without requiring massive speakers.
  • Secondary room TVs – Easy way to upgrade audio from extra TVs in bedrooms, basements, offices, etc.
  • Apartments and condos – Powerful cinema sound that won’t annoy the neighbors like a roaring surround system.
  • First-time buyers – Hassle-free setup and quality sound at entry-level pricing.
  • Rental-friendly upgrade – Mounts neatly on the wall without major installation headaches.

For those seeking an affordable plug-and-play audio boost for their existing TV that looks as great as it sounds, the Saiyin soundbar is tough to top.

Potential Shortcomings to Consider

While we recommend this soundbar overall, there are a few limitations to note:

  • No HDMI connectivity or decoding – You don’t get Dolby or DTS support like higher-end soundbars.
  • Music performance just okay – While great for TV and movies, music playback sounds a bit muddy.
  • Remote feels cheap – The included remote works fine but has a cheap plastic quality.
  • Subwoofer boomy at times – The wireless sub can sound somewhat boomy depending on placement.
  • Wall mount process not super elegant – The included wall mounting brackets are functional but look a bit clunky.

If you want the absolute latest HDMI 2.1 connectivity or more audiophile-level sound, you may want to look at soundbars in the $250+ range. But for boosting everyday TV audio, the Saiyin represents a superb value.

Alternatives Worth Considering

The budget soundbar market has exploded with countless options from major brands. Here are a few alternatives worth considering and comparing:

Samsung HW-A450 – Samsung’s entry-level 2.1 soundbar with a sleek design and wireless sub.

Polk Audio Signa S2 – Features HDMI and a wireless subwoofer in a quality package from Polk.

Vizio V-Series – Vizio’s acclaimed budget soundbars bring huge value, but no subwoofer.

Roku Streambar – Roku’s streaming audio bar has upgrade-itis with 4K streaming built right in.

Sonos Beam – No sub, but Sonos sound quality and multi-room audio for a price.

Shop around to find the right balance of sound, features and budget for your needs. And be sure to factor in ease of setup if that’s a priority.

Final Verdict

For shoppers seeking a fuss-free audio upgrade that adds powerful sound to their existing TV without breaking the bank, the Saiyin 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer is a formidable option.

Between its expansive, detailed audio and dead simple plug-and-play connectivity, this system makes it easy for just about anyone to step up their home theater game.

Sure, you can find soundbars with flashier features and more premium build quality if you spend more. But at this price, you’ll struggle to find a better balance of immersive cinema sound and simplified setup in one convenient package.

If you hear more muffled murmuring than immersive sound from your current flatscreen, do yourself a favor and consider the Saiyin soundbar. Your ears – and all your movies, shows, and music – will thank you!


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Saiyin Sound Bars for TV with Subwoofer,2.1CH Soundbar for TV
Saiyin Sound Bars for TV with Subwoofer,2.1CH Soundbar for TV

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